Grushecky, Joe & The Houserockers

I's not a surprise that I came to know Joe Gruschecky and the Houserockers through Bruce Springsteen. But that's what music is about...the connections. Hell, I came to know Warren Zevon and Southside the same way and they are 2 of my all-time favs to this very day! Doesn't get much better. 

Well, I caught Joe's show in Toronto on Nov. 10, 2006 at the Cadillac Lounge and Joe and the boyz were fantastic. Though I had a few of Joe's CD's (American Babylon, True Companion and Fingerprints) it was the live performances on some of the Springsteen boots I had (Light of Day shows, etc.) that really caught my attention. 

Joe is a true rocker with soul. His lyrics are rooted in real life stuff...and well, I tend to like that, as you can see by my list of musicians. He's real and he's not just a buddy of Bruce's...he's a great singer/songwriter and like many artists I like...I wish more people could get the opportunity to listen to his work. On that note, do yourself a favour and pick up Joe's new CD "Good Life". It's fantastic. And if he's anywhere near your town check out the live's great and it took my fan-ship (if that's a word) to a different level.