Browne, Jackson

I think I was about 12 and I was at a friend's for lunch. His brother was into great music (though I didn't realize it at the time) like The Eagles, Springsteen and Jackson Browne. Anyways, he puts on Running on Empty and I get lost in the lyrics. I just loved it. I remember going home and telling my dad about this guy...Browne-something. My dad immediately says "you mean James Brown". The rest is history. It was when I picked up Late For The Sky that I knew that I had found a favorite for life. 

23 years later there is nothing that Jackson has released that I don't enjoy. I've seen him about 10 times and every time has been a great experience. Later on in high school I began DJing and started a business, Backstreet Productions, and folks new that when "The Load-Out/Stay" came on that it was the end of the evening. Today I still follow the Bride & Groom's last dance with Jackson's version of Stay. Of course, I then offer the crowd "just one more song!".