Dallas Cowboys

As a kid we watched football every Sunday and when I was young back in the mid-seventies the Cowboys were on TV a lot! Oh, and they had cheerleaders which, for a young man, was quite intriguing! I'm certain I was a fan prior to Super Bowl XII but it was that year that my lifetime Cowboy loyalty was solidified. Of course, that year my brother cheered against the Cowboys and though the Broncos lost, Phil then became a lifelong Bronco nut (that's putting it mildly)! What a roster the Boys had then: Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Preston Pearson, Tony Hill, Butch Johnson, Charlie Waters, Randy White, and the great Too Tall Jones!

Over the years my Steeler fan friends would torture me as we lost the next year to Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, making that twice in 4 years. But in 1996 that changed as we finally beat those nasty Steelers for the first time and our 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years with Emmit Smith, Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, Leon Lett, the great Charles Haley, Daryl Johnston and one of my favorites, Bill Bates!

Things went dry for us Cowboy fans for about 18 years, but the last couple years with one of my all-time favorite QB's, Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Dez "the Beast" Bryant, an amazing offensive line and a rebuilt defence, we might have a chance to get back to our old glory. We'll have to wait and see.

...and for the record...that was a catch!!