Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres Dave Rotella

The year was 1970. I was just a boy of 4. My dad was an avid Blackhawks fan and I guess I was too. My favorite goalie of all-time is still Tony Esposito. But in the Fall of 1970 a new team entered the league, the Buffalo Sabres (along with the Vancouver Canucks). Living on the border and watching a lot of Buffalo TV, my Dad and I began watching the Sabre games and immediately became fans. Guys like Gilbert Perreault, Roger Crozier, Rick Martin were fun to watch and from that day forward my allegiance was to the double sword and the buffalo! From the French Connection to the Dominator, from Rick Jeanneret to Ryan Miller...the Rotella men have bled Blue & Gold for the past 47+ years!!

These days I have season tickets right behind the Sabres net and Evan and I go to 10 - 20 home games during a year, enjoying Washington Square wings and hoping that one day we'll finally see a winning team in Buffalo. Though we are currently rebuilding with great talent like Jack Eichel, Sam Reinhardt, Rasmus Ristolinen and other great veterans like Kyle Okposo and Ryan O'Reilly, the future looks bright for our Sabres! Go Blue & Gold!!