Evan's Teams

Evan Rotella Teams DANIMA Dave

Obviously my favorite teams are whatever teams Evan plays for! Whether it's hockey, soccer, baseball or ball hockey, there's nothing better than watching your little man participate and compete! I've also been lucky enough to coach almost everyone of those teams!

Some of my favorite teams over the years have been:

  • The Kings '17 - Pee Wee Hockey
    • The Kings were League AND Playoff Champions. In addition, these guys were finalists in the Aurora March Madness Tournament. Another great group of friends, players and parents which made for a very fun year!
  • The Orangemen '16 - Pee Wee Hockey
    • The Orangmen were League Champs!! We had the youngest team in the league but everyone from the goalie on up played very well. In fact, we also went to the finals in a tournament in Paris ON! Loved these kids...and parents!
  • DANIMA Gold '15 - Mosquito Baseball
    • Year 2 of coaching baseball and it was such a great group of kids and parents. We came in 2nd in the league and 3rd in the playoffs, but it didn't matter because this was the most fun we've had playing ball!
  • The Big Red Machine '12  - Major Novice Hockey
    • These guys won the championship after a slow start to the year. Must have been the coaching!
  • The Atom Sharks '14 - Major Atom Hockey
    • After leaving the rep team Ev went down to House League to play with an awesome bunch of kids and great coaches. Won the Championship and the League and Ev went over 20 games without a loss!!
  • Atom Select '15
    • A great year playing Select hockey. Some of the best hockey I've been a part of as a coach with great parents and players. Played some really close, heartbreaking games...but we had a blast!
  • The White Team '11 - Minor Novice Hockey
    • It may never happen again, but this team went UNDEFEATED. One tie at the end of the year and obviously we won the Championship and League!!
  • Sabres '11 - Summer Hockey
    • Another team that started out slow. Evan's first summer in goal and he had a rough start. But then we kicked it into high gear and won the Championship!
  • DANIMA Blues '10 - Soccer
    • There are no championships in soccer (they say it's not good for kids...lol) but we had a great team this year with a lot of good pals!
  • DANIMA Spain '09 - Soccer
    • Another fun year (remember it had to be fun...no competition...not good for kids) on the pitch with great coaches, Me, Johnny and Maurizio! Loved that team
  • DANIMA Blue '14 - Baseball
    • My first year of coaching baseball and Ev's first year of playing ball. I watched him go from a guy swinging the bat like a wand to a really good hitter and fielder. Fun year!
  • Atom AE '13 - Atom Rep Hockey
    • It was an odd year as I wasn't a big fan of the coach, however, I loved being on the bench with the kids, and working with the goalies. Two of my favorite goalies of all-time - Evan and Frankie!